A Loan Offers a Considerable Advantage of Financial Flexibility

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A Loan Offers a Considerable Advantage of Financial Flexibility

We all know in life; things do not always go the way we planned them which leaves some needs requiring financial support that we cannot afford. There is a need for a new home where you can share comfort with your loved ones. There is a need for a new car to facilitate your transport and take kids to school. There is a need to create a small business and reach your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. There is a need for a small amount of money to pay for your children’s tuition fees. So many needs, but with an empty pocket and an empty bank account.

A loan comes as a solution to all those needs that can be a source of problems when you are not financially stable. We are here to ensure that you choose among the best loan providers in the country at the lowest interest rate and on good terms and conditions.

You can reach our credit experts daily from 08:00 to 20:00 by phone at +250 7878 30018 or by e-mail to info@checknow.rw.


A loan is support provided to people in critical situations with various needs either personal or professional ones. A loan allows financial flexibility in buying plots, vehicles, houses, and other needs such as starting new businesses, etc. There are various types of loans including car loans, plot loans, business loans, and personal loans. The method of paying back the loan depends on the conditions and terms between the borrower and the lender.


Whatever might be the type of loan you are looking for, we are here to help you to find it using different comparisons of loan providers for a better choice. This is a cost-effective and time saver with a high probability of making one of your best decisions by using our comparison calculator.

Plot Loan

A plot loan is a loan given when wishing to buy a property for yourself either for business goals such as starting agriculture or for personal goals such as building your own house as a new home for you and your family. With a plot loan, the repayment gets to be made per month for years and years until you are done paying back. For this type of loan, we make sure to provide you with different plot loan providers in the country with their conditions and interest rates to make your best choice.

Car Loan

A car loan is a loan given to support financially anyone who would wish to buy a car for different reasons. It can be a car loan for business such as a bus, or a personal car. On our website, we help you in providing broader options of car loan providers with their conditions and required interest rates, for you, to choose easily through comparisons of the most effective car loan provider to you. We are here to help you figure out what amount of money you cannot go beyond as a loan, how many years are you required to be done with the payment, at which rate are you going to pay back your loan, and every other information that might help you in your process of making the right choice for you and probably for your family too.

With Accessible and Affordable Financing for Homeownership

The dream of many Rwandans is of being able to own their own house and probably getting a plot for business goals. Nevertheless, the dream becomes too hard to achieve especially when financially talking, your pocket is not agreeing with you on that. We are here to make sure that in that case, you get all the support you need to reach your dream by getting a home loan. We offer you different comparisons of home loan providers to save you more time in choosing the right fit for you.

Construction Loan

With a construction loan opportunity, it allows many end users to achieve their goal or biggest dream of building their own house even though they might not have enough money as savings for its construction. Nevertheless, with the increase of loan amounts as well as its period of time to be paid, it is important and necessary to look for advice from experts in the domain about how to plan accordingly. Furthermore, on our website, we provide full details about loan providers for construction including their terms and conditions through a comparison to make it easier for you to choose the suitable offer for you. With the support from our professionals in construction loan through contacting them, your dream of being a house owner not only will be possible and realized, but you can be sure, it will be resulting from the most perfect fit for you as an offer.

Home Loan

Most of us have already in mind ideas of how we want our dream house to look or maybe we would like just to buy a finished house that looks just like what we dreamt of. However, it can be challenging for some to afford the costs for the house construction or even the money asked to purchase the finished house. This leads to looking for a home loan which involves nowadays a big amount of money to pay in a long term period. So, it is crucial that before making the final decision on which offer to opt for as a home loan, you get to look for advice from specialists to help you in the process of comparing the different home loan providers and choosing the best one for you.

Real Estate Loan

Being able to afford buying your own house must be one of the greatest achievements any man can feel proud of. It gets better when you get to buy a whole real estate which for some can involve searching for loan providers with the lowest interest than others. However, it is important to already have a financing project all planned to be aware of the budget needed for it. From that, it is advised that when looking for a real estate loan to make sure it is connected to your budget planning considering the amount of money to ask as a loan, the terms and conditions of the loan that get to be suitable for you through our real estate loan comparison from various offers to make your dream of owning a house come true.

The Good Thing About Easy Access to a Loan in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country that is improving itself in many aspects including when it comes to the well being of its citizens through when needed, offering various types of loans from different institutions. Our website is here to make sure that your demand for a loan gets to be taken faster and gets to be made with the most effective loan provider in the area. The reason why we provide you with a comparison of different institutions that can offer you a loan with an affordable interest. If you are thinking of how you are going to get a loan without many obstacles, then we are here to tell you that we got you and we have the perfect offer for you!

Time Deposit

A fixed-term deposit is a sort of investment where you get to put an amount of money in your bank account for a fixed period such as a month or even years through getting some interest rates depending on the period you chose for your savings. It gets to have its own bank account known as a “Fixed Term Deposit Account”. With our website, we help you to find the most suitable offer for you based on the amount of money you would like to invest and the time you wish to take for the investment.

Current account

With today’s advancement in technology, there is a need of owning a checking account or current account for different uses either to deposit money or to withdraw it. With its easy access through online and mobile banking services or even transfers to other accounts for both Rwandans and non-Rwandans, it facilitates the payment of different items and services such as the rent, the bills, etc. Depending on which bank in Rwanda you choose to use, they have different monthly charges of the account and sometimes it can even be a free of charge personal current account. On our website, you will be able to have a list of all the banks in Rwanda that provide a checking account with their terms and conditions for a better comparison and better choice for yourself.

Advantages of having a credit card

Credit Cards
A credit card enables broader options for customers as advantages. With a credit card in hand, it becomes possible to execute transactions directly regardless of where you are including online transactions with the rise of e-commerce. In Rwanda, all banks do provide credit cards in different forms depending on which one you would like to purchase, it can be a classic credit card, a gold credit card, or even a platinum credit card. Nevertheless, the terms and conditions of owning a credit card differs from one bank to another. With the help of our credit card comparison, you get to have various choices on which bank to use to look for a credit card taking into consideration your need for a better and suitable deal for you.
Credit Cards in Rwanda
As many banks there are in Rwanda, as different types of credit cards there are and with different options included with them. There are a variety of credit cards offered in Rwandan banks such as the Classic credit card, the Gold credit card, as well as the Platinum credit card. With the easy access of credit cards wherever you go, it is important to have an idea of the terms and conditions of all the banks that provide them including being aware of the required fees for it for a better choice. In addition to that, credit cards get to be available for students, employees, as well as business persons which do not get to have the same maintenance fees per month for their credit cards.
Use of credit cards
Credit cards are used for different purposes and services. You might want to buy a nice dress you have seen on a website, you might want to pay for your travel ticket including the accommodations online, a credit card no matter its type helps you in achieving all of that through direct payment. Most of the time, all those transactions from your credit card are not charged.
With a population of people in different domains and of different age, a credit card gets to have different services where nobody is left behind. However, those services differ depending on which category you are in since for example a student will not be charged the same price like a business person. Regardless of that, all categories offer unique services to the customer with sometimes bonus programs or discounts during the payment process of a purchase using a credit card.

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Already in the comparisons you will be comprehensively informed about the different providers and their conditions. However, the more you know about credit, investment or credit card, the easier it will be for you to decide on the right provider. Further information on the respective area can be found in the guides. Here you will find valuable tips and suggestions that you can take advantage of when comparing the institutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When comparing the providers, questions often arise that unnecessarily complicate the choice of the right offer. Here it is worth taking a look at our frequently asked questions. These can be found both on the different types of credit, as well as on the topics of call money, time deposit, current account and credit card. If your question is not answered, our experts will be happy to help you free of charge on the phone or by e-mail.

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Our procedures make it easy for you to see how one service compares to the others in a quick, comprehensive, and precise way.

CheckNow – Rwanda’s Newest comparison portal

GTD right way: We provide a right away overview of services and prices available from all the service providers in Rwanda

Perfection: We offer our customers with everything they need to know about a variety of similar services 

Trustful processes: Our procedures make it easy for you to see how one service compares to the others in a quick, comprehensive, and precise way.