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Internet Providers in Rwanda

One of the fastest developing countries in the world, Rwanda is now a home of several county internet providers. With just a visit to our website, get up-to-date information on ISP in Rwanda.

Get on hand information of competitive prices and excellent quality internet services of nationwide renowned companies, get to choose a suitable type of internet service you need at a price, location, connectivity and brand of your preference.

Large Data Providers in Comparison


mtn rwanda internet data

With 99% of network coverage, MTN is one of the most distinguished telecommunication companies in Rwanda with almost 4 million subscribers. It boasts various internet services at a competitive price with an acclaimable internet speed.


Airtel Rwanda Internet Data

A vividly multinational brand, Airtel Rwanda with the slogan “The Smartphone Network” is the country’s first telecommunication company in terms of having many customers especially when it bought and merged with Tigo Rwanda. It has an enviable internet speed with affordable prices.

Mango 4G

mango 4g internet data

One of the internet providers that revolutionised 4G internet usage and popularity. It erased the myth that 4G was expensive and for only the rich. It brought exciting packages that had top speed at an affordable price.

PopConn 4G

Popconn 4G Internet Data Rwanda

Located in Kigali Rwanda and in partnership with the Korean Telecom Rwanda Networks, it is one of the internet providers that offers smartphones and internet at a speed and price worth exploiting.

Large Home Data Providers in Comparison

Now more than ever, from the time when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, the need to work online and/or home escalated and it is getting more and more common that a lot of work now is being done at home. There are though more to using the internet at home other than working (like online meeting, streaming, social media or studying), these all create the urge to get a fast internet with a strong bandwidth and most importantly at an affordable price. The following are the best home internet providers in Rwanda.

MTN Rwanda

MTN Internet

When it comes to giving a fast internet home internet in Rwanda, few do it like MTN. Its high coverage helps it to reach many people and its high speed makes it more sought after. The pre-paid prices vary depending on the speed of bandwidth as the internet is unlimited. It also provides a free home installation and an affordable router countrywide via FTTH (FIber to Home) and Fixed Internet.

Canal Box Rwanda

Specialised in providing ultra fast fiber unlimited internet connection at homes, when it comes to the speed and expertise in this very field, there are few who can compete with them. They provide free home installations as long as your location is among the areas they operate in. Their pre-paid prices are relatively affordable.

Liquid Telecom Rwanda

After checking the types of packages that are available in your area, enjoying a fast internet connection is what follows. They are very experienced in this field and thus among the most trusted. They offer a high quality service at a price that can really correspond to the service they provide.

special offer internet  data

Internet Providers for High-Speed 4G, LTE and Sattelite


Day by day, as the technology is getting more sophisticated, there is a high need of using a stable, fast but also affordable internet service and that’s what companies that provide 4G services mainly consider: a quality internet at a reasonable price. In Rwanda, 4G service providers are increasing as more people are realising how important it is to them. There are more 4G providers that we can recommend such as: MTN Rwanda, Airtel Rwanda, Mango 4G, PopConn 4G and Piramie 4G+.

Most of the time the differences in the providers are in the prices, speed and service quality.

Internet Provider for LTE and Sattelite

Depending on the purpose, preference and/or location, LTE and Satellite connections can be opted to be used instead of 4G+. The following are the best providers of this service in Rwanda: MTN Rwanda, Airtel Rwanda, Liquid Telecom, RTN, KTRN and GlobalTT.

They can also be a stand-in replacement to other internet connections. An upload and download speed of up to 50 Mbit/s is one of the benefits of using these kinds of internet and one of the most preferred in the rural and island areas as the fiber or cable internet cannot operate there easily.

Internet Provider Comparison @CheckNow

The best platform when it comes to comparing and knowing necessary information about Internet Service Providers in Rwanda, their services and how they operate. We understand that choosing the best provider is not an easy choice, that’s why we have brought to you insights and tips that can be based on while picking the best provider.

At CheckNow we take feedback seriously, the reason why we would like to ask you to let us know when a provider is changed and who your new provider has become in order to provide more suggestions on the provider.


Comparison of Ratings of Service Providers

In an open market of internet services, reviews and ratings play a very important role in the decision making of a client. The ratings of internet service providers shared on this website are as follows: MTN Rwanda has 3.5 in 625 users, Airtel has 3.8 in 270 users, Mango 4G has 3.4 in 32 users, PopConn 4G has 3.4 in 26 users, CanalBox has 2.0 in 6 users, Liquid Telecom has 3.0 in 119 users and KRTN has 4.3 in 23 users. All of the aforementioned reviews are on the score of 5. It is safe to say that all these reviews were taken from more than two independent third parties with the goal of honest assessments of services provided.

Comparison via CheckNow possible

After going through reviews of the service providers we shared on CheckNow, we believe that they can be helpful in making a good decision of which service to pay for, suitable for the conditions of your choice. Through this website, you can get all the pivotal factors that can lead you in taking a rational decision. Get unmatchable data on tariffs, top providers, services they offer, technology they use, and depending on the purpose and location of the client, use those details to decide who the service provider of your choice will be.

Comparison via CheckNow not possible

Here at CheckNow, we bring to you the most handy and recent information on what you need to know to have the best possible internet provider(s) in Rwanda, what they offer, their technologies and location. What we can’t promise though is to list all the micro-providers in this field but rest assured that when you visit our website, you have access to top providers with tested services, at both a price and brand of your choice. While also we give hints and data of more than one company, the choice to choose solely lies on the client’s side.

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