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Television Providers in Rwanda

In a country labelled the Singapore of Africa mainly due to its rapid rise in technology, it’s no surprise that Television Service Providers have increased and established competitive content at an acceptable price.

There are currently four major Televisions Service Providers in Rwanda namely: DSTV and Canal Plus (both marketed by Tele10), StarTimes and Azam TV. It’s no lie that they have taken Rwanda by storm.

Comparison of Rwandan TV Service Providers

Although they all share exciting contents, some of their telecasts might differ. The same applies to their price and broadcasting language. DSTV, CanalPlus and Azam TV use satellite type of technology while StarTimes uses both satellite and terrestrial TV type of technology.



Nationally known for its broadcast of football matches through its 22 SuperSport channels, it also has channels that share HD and diversified contents such as documentaries, music, movies and many more. It is available for an acceptable price for the quality service it shares.

Canal Plus

A very famous TV service provider which has stolen the hearts of not only French speaking people but also those who speak other languages like English. It has one of the cheapest subscriptions compared to the number of channels and HD quality content it telecasts.


Known for its cheap subscription and high number of subscribers, it provides quality content at an affordable price. Its telecasts are from different parts of the world including free local channels which together with its many channels gives customers a unique experience.

Azam TV

Popconn 4G Internet Data Rwanda

Although Azam TV has content which differs from other TV service providers, it broadcasts diverse contents on documentaries, movies, entertainment, news and sports to name a few. It provides quality content at an acceptable price and in more than one language.

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Television Service

Television service is one of the most used services in Rwanda. From kids to adults, the likes of what to watch might differ but the need to watch remains. The choice of television services mainly depends on which provider you opt to buy and also which subscription you pay for. 

Resubscription can be done through mobile money or e-banking which makes it easier and faster. Customer care teams are available during working hours to support customers with queries.


TV providers at CheckNow

 All TV service providers that work in Rwanda, are also available in Kigali. It’s not a coincidence though the rate of viewers per location, Kigali is the first mainly due to the fact that it headquarters all of the providers and the technology is relatively high when compared to other provinces. There are many shops nationwide and also in Kigali which makes buying and installation of decoders and their antennas more feasible. With each passing day, the prices of decoders are going down with each passing day which makes it more accessible to the viewers and new subscribers.


What to compare at CheckNow?

The best platform in Rwanda when it comes to helping you make a sensible choice and know more information on the type of information that you can use to be a customer of a TV service provider. Sometimes it is not very direct or clear to choose a type of decoder and/or TV subscription that you need to buy, that’s why we provide you with necessary data that can direct you to choose a quality service at a price of your preference.

At CheckNow we take feedback seriously, thus feel free to contact us through contact or social media in case of any query or suggestion.

Comparison of Ratings of Service Providers

Reviews and ratings of services are crucial in internet services. While some reviews can’t be trusted, here at CheckNow, we brought to you unique ratings taken from more than two trusted third parties who collected the ratings from the clients who used the services. The ratings of the reviews of the service providers are as follows: Tele10 ( a company that provides both DSTV and  Canal Plus TV services) has 4.1 in 239 users, StarTimes Rwanda has 3.6 in 70 users and Azam TV Rwanda has 4.0 in 22 votes. All of the written ratings are out of 5 and unbiased.

Comparison via CheckNow possible

Reviews shared on this platform have a purpose to orient and show the general picture the service providers have in public, considering that they are taken from the most reliable sources nationally. Get trusted tariffs, locations, availability, services being offered, technology from the top TV service providers with just browsing on our website and we believe that those factors together with reviews can be significantly directive in choosing the most appropriate provider based on your unique wish and purpose of buying.

Prices and Affordability

While there is no better website to see detailed services, prices and affordability, locations, availability and technologies to list a few things that might interest you while you are looking for information of TV service providers in Rwanda; we do not choose for a client as that responsibility lies only on his/her wish. The TV service providers that we shared are the most trusted, famous and provide quality service, thus not all of the Intermediaries or micro-providers can be shared here. This does not anyhow affect the service you can get from our recommended providers since we put quality, safety and ratings in consideration first.

The Best TV Providers

Sometimes, getting to choose the best TV service provider might not be as straightforward as you might wish, as there are a lot of factors that can influence your choice such as: type of content you like to watch, the telecasting language, the video quality and most importantly the price of service and subscription.

At CheckNow, we provide you more details on the above information. In case you need more information or have any query do not hesitate to contact us.

Television Rwanda Comparison

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